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Hi Folks,
[spacing]I just posted a document to the files section. It's titled "New Rules Affect Airline Passengers with Diabetes." I posted it because there have been questions regarding the traveling with testosterone vials and needles. I can't see where the regulations would be any different, as a matter of fact, they just might be stricter, since IM needles are much bigger than insulin needles.
[spacing]There is also a red text line that talks about prescriptions and letters of medical necessity. They will not be accepted.
[spacing]Rather than be denied boarding, if you carry these items, check with the airline before leaving. And with the increased scanning, don't be too sure that they won't be confiscated from checked baggage. If they're concerned enough to prepare these rules, they're concerned enough to scan and confiscate.
[spacing]Better to be safe than sorry.
[spacing]And a buddy on another list replied with a TERRIFIC suggestion!!
[spacing]If you are gonna be away on a trip when you are due for a shot, why not have your doctor write a script so that you can take Androgel with you. Switching administration routes for one or two cycles isn't gonna hurt. Great idea !!

[spacing] [spacing]Joshua
"Do unto others as if YOU were the others."[spacing]:~}

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