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Jude Patton
FTM Advocate and Licensed Therapist

I have been an educator, advocate, activist and researcher for years. One of the "old guys" with 25 years+ post-transition. I am a therapist in private practice, specializing in transgender and intersex issues, but also provide services to the gay, les, bi community. I am certified by ASSECT as a sex educator and sex therapist and do a lot of work in sexuality counseling. My full time work is as a psychiatric physician assistant with a psychiatric group. I'm on the board of Ingersoll Gender Center, and was just elected to the board of FTM Int'l., Inc. I've been nominated for HBIGDA's board too, having served on it before in 1979-1981.

I have a huge collection of materials and information to share about FTM issues, and I regularly network with others in the field. For those who live in the "great northwest", my office is in Seattle and I provide flexibility in the counseling and evaluation services considered necessary by HBIGDA standards for referrals for hormone therapy and for surgery for those who choose to go that route. I also provide supportive therapy for all, couples therapy, family therapy, etc. I run a therapy session (low cost) once monthly for those who cannot afford individual sessions (also meets HBIGDA requirements). I'm most proud of my advocacy for transgendered folks.

My wife, Carol, runs a SOFFA group in Seattle, open to all.

Both the SOFFA group and the FTM therapy group meet the last Tuesday of each month, in separate rooms (same building) from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.
[spacing] To contact Carol about the SOFFA group, e-mail: CLTMiranda@aol.com

To contact Jude , e-mail: JUDEPATTON@aol.com

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