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Hangs: 6 1/2" long

Protrudes: 3" out

Weight: approximataly 8 oz.

Like the Packy, the Pack 'N Play was designed by and for FTMs, Female to Male Transgendered) and is constructed of silicon, specially forulated to be sufficienly solid, whle retaining believable resiliency. Silicon retains body heat, carries vibrations and feels life like. It is non-porus, making it easy to clean with mild soap and water. You can even boil it ! With proper care, your Pack 'N Play will last a life time.

The Pack 'N Play is a larger "working model" of the Packy. It hangs down or it can be turned "balls up" for a belly hugging erection. Like the Packy, the Pack 'N Play is useful for FTMs, crossdressers, male impersonators, butches, passing women, drag kings, or anyone wishing to augment their look and functionality. The Pack 'N Play has been designed without cumbersome and unsightly straps. You can wear it by itself under a jock strap, snug briefs or a Speedo style swim suit, or you can adapt your favorite pair of boxers or trunks.

I distribute the item on this page through mail-order. 10% net after taxes annually goes to FTM International. It takes eight to ten weeks for delivery.

Yes, really. I prefer honesty to disappointment.
Sometimes you'll be pleasantly surprised...


J. Stallory, 1261 Howard, San Francisco, CA 94103


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