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Sources: Information on most of the following support groups comes from the Transgender Community Forum on America Online, which in turn uses a list provided by the International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) augmented by "member input." We have not independently verified this information and therefore can't vouch for its accuracy. These listings are identified with an (tcf) at the end.

Other listings were developed by Loree Cook-Daniels from various contacts and leads and are identified with an (lcd) at the end.

Comprehensiveness: In addition, this list is only a start. To make it onto this list, the group had to explicitly welcome partners, significant others, family members, and/or other interested persons of FTMs.

If you're looking for a local support group, we suggest you try these first. If none of these is close, check to see if there are any FTM groups near you (see list of resources in the True Spirit program book) or check with IFGE (see listing below) or AOL's keyword TCF to find other groups (only North Dakota, South Dakota, and South Carolina lack ANY local support groups for transgendered persons; literally hundreds of them exist). Then call them and ask; they may well serve FTMs and/or family members and/or be able to refer you to someone near you who does.


Alaskan T-People
c/o Bobbie Wendy Tucey
P.O. Box 670349
Chugiak AK 99567-0349
Strictly social, not political in any way. Social activities for the whole family: fishing parties, outings, whatever. (tcf)


Evolvere Transgender Foundation
1830 E. Broadway #124-269
Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 884-0541
Provides counselling, gender education, appearance, group support, and grants for SRS. The group is open to CDs, TVs, and TS (both MtF and FtM) and friends thereof. (tcf)


FTM International Meetings
SOFFAs are welcome to attend the FTM International bimonthly "open" meetings in San Francisco. On alternating months, SOFFAs hold a SOFFAs-only meeting at the same time FTM holds an FTM-only meeting. For information on SOFFA meetings,
contact: Michiko Bailey, (510) 893-6330 (lcd)

Alternative Family Project
Alternative Family Project in San Francisco runs a facilitated support group for transgendered (both FTM and MTF) parents and partners. Time commitment required; sliding fee scale; childcare provided. (415) 566-5683. (lcd)

Genderqueer Boyzzz
Southern California support/social (and more???) group forpeople assigned female at birth and raised girl-to-woman who have masculine self-identifications some or all of the time. This is a place where difference is treasured. Meetings are open. Everyone is always welcome. Email: Jacob Hale Phone: 213-665-1130 (Jacob Hale) (lcd)

Loved Ones Of Transsexuals
Monthly support group for family, friends of transsexuals and interested medical professionals facilitated by Jeanee Ebner, a mother of a post-op TS. Meets the second Thursday of each month. (714) 786-6891 (tcf)

MCC TS Support Group
c/o Metropolitan Community Church
South 7th Street
San Jose, CA.
For TSs (MTF and FTM) and SOs and family members. Meets 6:30 PM third Saturdays (pot luck dinner followed by meeting) at the MCC on South 7th Street between East Santa Clara Street and the San Jose State campus. (tcf/lcd)

Minority Aids Project
5149 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90016
Discussion and rap groups conducted by the Project's TS/TG program for TG/TS persons and their SOs. HIV/AIDS information, hormone treatment, support groups and more. (213) 936-9338 (tcf)


Teenage Kids Of TS: TAKOTS
c/o Laurie Ciccotello
1740 S. Buckley Road #6-178
Aurora CO 80017
Support group for children of T-persons. (tcf)


P.O. Box 2281
Devon, CT 06460
Open social and support group for straight, bi, gay, male or female, CD/TV/TS, their S.O.s, wives, and friends. Everyone is welcome! Yearly dues $16./year. A Renaissance affiliate club. 60 members from CT and surrounding states. 8-10pg newsletter 10x/year and Membership Directory of ads/addresses/ photos. Newsletter publicizes local events and businesses that welcome TVs.

Write to the above address or email MASOND


Transgender Educational Association Of Greater Washington
PO Box 16036
Arlington VA 22215
(formerly DCEA) For transgendered persons of all sexual preferences and genetic origins, and their significant others. Meetings the first Saturday of month September through June. Affiliated with couples' group and MAGA (TS support). Outreach to professionals and to the larger Gay and Lesbian community. (301) 949-3822
Publishes: The Pinnacle, Bi-monthly (tcf)

See also American Boyz under Maryland.


Chicago SOFFA support group.
Email: Ellie Altman. (lcd)

Champaign/Urbana SOFFA support group.
Champaign/Urbana SOFFA support group. Meets third Tuesday of every month at 7p.m. Email: Star Straf. (lcd)

FORGE: For Ourselves: Reworking Gender Expression
c/o C. Michael Munson
P.O. Box 1272
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Aimed at FTM. (Also advertises that SOFFAs are welcome -- lcd) Meets monthly, almost exclusively in Chicago. (414) 278-6031 Email: Michael. (tcf)


American Boyz
American Boyz, mid-Atlantic region For gender variant people of the f2m continuum, plus all SOFFAs. Has free monthly newsletter, online forum, dinner and social meetings, and sponsors other services. Also makes many articles available for $1 cash or stamps. For information, contact Gary at American Boyz, POB 1118, Elkton, MD, 21922-1118. (lcd)

Couples' support group/potluck
Couples' support group/potluck (for couples where one or both are transgendered) meets second Saturday of the month at 3:00 p.m. Contact Gloria or Diane at (301) 791-6012. (lcd)


Boston area support group exclusively for Female-to-Male transsexuals and intersexes at any stage of transition. Weekly meetings. Monthly open meetings, usually of a social nature. Friends, lovers, spouses, and family are welcome. (617) 441-5165 (tcf)

Boston Boyz
Welcomes SOFFAs at their meetings (and sometimes has separate SOFFA meetings). Contact Darius. (lcd)

The Tiffany Club of New England
P.O. Box 2283
Woburn, MA 01888-0483
(617) 891-9325
Fax: (617) 899-5294
I understand they offer "some degree of SOFFA support" and have "significant" FTM and SO members. (lcd)


Michigan FtM
Michigan FtM (broad spectrum definition) support group welcomes SOFFAs. Meets alternate Sundays at 1 p.m. in Room 441 of the MSU Student Union. For information,
contact Kevin O'Malley at (517) 267-7659. (lcd)

Transgendered support group at Michigan State University
Transgendered support group at Michigan State University includes SOFFAs and meets alternate Tuesdays and Sundays. Call Lisa Lees at (517) 333-9641, or Kevin O'Malley at (517) 267-7659. Web site (lcd)


Silver Rose Gender Association
open to all CD's, TV's, M-F TS's, F-M TS's, and all associated family and friends. Meets the 2nd Saturday of every month at 2850 Wrondel Way, Reno, Nv. at 8:00 p.m. Contact: Lynda Cheney
P.O. Box 1334, Carson City, Nv., 89702 (tcf)

Transsexuals Support Group
For both F-M and M-F. Meetings the second and fourth Saturdays
of the month at the Community Counseling Center, 1120 Almond
Tree Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada, at 6:00 pm. Non-threatening
environment for spouses, significant others, and family members.
For more information page
Tammy at (702) 222-7814 (tcf)

New Jersey

See American Boyz under Maryland.


Crystal Club (Columbus Area)
P.O. Box 287
Reynoldsburg OH 43068-0287
An open support group providing a non-threatening environment for TV, TS, TG, FI, MTF, FTM, spouses and SO's. Meetings the 4th Saturday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Peer support. Publishes: The Crystal Chronicle (614) 231-1368. The phone will be answered by Luann or Carol or a machine and all messages will be returned. (tcf)

Cleveland support group for significant others
Cleveland support group for significant others, MTFs and FTMs, family and friends. Meets 1st Thursday of the month for potluck (usually) in members' homes. Call Karen at (216) 382-7373. (lcd)


Philadelphia T*FAM
Philadelphia T*FAM is a discussion/support group for families andfriends T* people. The group does include some very special T*s whoenhance our meetings. Philadelphia T*FAM meets on the third Sunday of each month at 2111 Sansom Street in Philadelphia. Meetings begin at 2:00 p.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. Contact: Pat or Linda Milligan phone: (609)768-2067 (lcd)

TransFamily is a Western Pennsylvania SOFFA support group. Contact Janet Flecher or Deni Scott or call (412) 758-1508. (lcd)

Transgender Health Action Coalition
Transgender Health Action Coalition addresses a full spectrum of transhealth issues, including a needs assessment survey, networking, care provider contacts and educational programming. High percentage of SOFFA membership. THAC, Washington West Offices, 1201 Locust Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107. (215) 545-7295. (lcd)

See also American Boyz under Maryland.


See American Boyz under Maryland.


FTM SOFFA support group
facilitated by Carol Miranda Patton, wife of an FTM. Meets 4th Tuesday of the month at Ingersoll Gender Center, 1812 East Madison, Seattle, WA Cost is $5.00/session. (lcd)


See FORGE under Illinois.


Currently about 50 partners of FTMs -- straight/lesbian/no - labels; parenting and childless; long-term and newly partnered - - participate in this active e-mail list. For information or to sign up, email Meridith.

This is a self-described "warm and fuzzy" support group on-line for parents, spouses, family members, and friends of anyone who defines hirself as transgendered. In addition, there are many transgendered (FTM/MTF/CD/"other") persons on the list. For information, write Emily Rizzo c/o Brooklyn PFLAG, 360 Atlantic Avenue #179, Brooklyn, NY 11217, or email her.

Kids of Gays
Despite its name, this group, sponsored by COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gay Men Everywhere) explicitly welcomes children of transgendered persons. They have an email list, a Web site, and an office in San Francisco. To reach them by email.

T*Significant Other
The T*Signficant Other Support List is "for wives, husbands, girlfriends & boyfriends (even ex-) of TGs, TVs, CDs and others." Both FTM and MTF SOs subscribe to this list. For more information, contact <netadmin@lbachman.bevc.blacksburg.va.us>.

American Boyz SOFFA
The SOFFA list of American Boyz. Has been somewhat
inactive lately. To be added to the list,
email your request to <transman@netgsi.com>.

This is "a mailing list for the support of TSs' SOs (so it is mostly spouse/partners but includes siblings and parents, too)." It is run by an MTF and her fiance (a genetic woman). For more information, contact <siobhan@genderweb.org> or <gothgrrl@genderweb.org>.


At the San Francisco FTM conference, the SOFFAs were so ecstatic at meeting each other that we began a newsletter. About three editions were sent out before its publisher decided to drop out. Negotiations are currently underway with a new publisher. For more information, contact:
Juli Rose, 6842 N. Missouri Avenue, Portland, OR 97217.


PFLAG-talk/tgs-pflag website has many resources for family members and partners of transgendered persons, divided into categories like "support," "education," "advocacy," "PFLAG Acts," etc.. Web site.

is Children of Lesbians and Gay Men Everywhere. Despite their name, all of their materials explicitly invite children of transgendered persons. Web site.

maintains message boards for FTMs, MTFs, significant others, etc. and holds an IRC chat every Sunday night from 9-10p.m. ET and Thursday nights from 10-11p.m. ET. Because I don't understand IRC chats, I'm sending you to one of the organizers, Alena, to get the details! Email her.

is a Dalnet channel for "parents who are TS or have TS kids." Because I don't understand Dalnet either, I'm sending you to the organizer, Angel, to get the details. Email her.

Cath's Corner Cafe
may or may not be operating at this time. It's billed as "a chat site for spouses, friends and family of the Transgendered community." Users must pre-register and access is granted within 24 hours. Web site.

, a site for transgendered persons, has a "Tavern" for SOs only. Users must pre-register for access by writing Diane. Web site.

TG Magazine's
site includes resources -- both groups and professionals -- by state. These resources do not specify whether they cater to MTFs and/or FTMs (and FTM International was not listed), but they do specify whether someone caters to "family."
Also offers an online chat.

FTM International
has a Web site that may be of interest to SOFFAs who are looking for bibliographies or information on hormones, surgery, or medical professionals, or who want to trace FTM links.

FTM Informational Network
has a Web site that may be of interest to SOFFAs who are looking for information on surgery, for those just starting out, who want to trace FTM links, read a letter from an SO.

(Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition International) sometimes includes transgendered parents in their literature, and sometimes doesn't. They have local chapters, some of which are transgender-friendly. For more information, contact their Web site or see their listing under "Other Resources."

has a wonderful resource for its members in the Transgender Community Forum <keyword: TCF>. TCF conducts nightly hosted chats, includes thousands of local resources, has many message board "folders" on various issues, several file libraries, the only daily TG news in cyberspace, and includes a calendar of upcoming events. For more information, check out the TCF Info Page

Personal web pages sometimes contain items of interest. Here are some I've checked out:

o <http://www.hemet.klever.net/~lbear> is owned by an FTM. He includes listings of calls for submissions, conferences, and partners' support groups (all listed above), as well as interesting links.

o <http://members.aol.com/ftmolinfo/> is owned by an FTM. He includes listings of information, "how to's" and partners' support groups (all listed above), as well as interesting links.

o <http://www3.pgh.net/~dscott/transfam.html> includes dozens of links to national transgender sites as well as local resources
around the Pittsburgh area.

o <http://www.genderweb.org/~cirntri> is owned by the wife of an MTF. It contains a few essays of interest as well a resource lists and links.

o <http://w3.aces.uiuc.edu/sss/> focuses on resources in the Champaign/Urbana area.


American Boyz
P.O. Box 1118
Elkton, MD 21922-1118
Email: Gary Bowen
For gender variant people of the f2m continuum, plus all SOFFAs. Free monthly newsletter, online forums (including one for SOFFAs), dinner and social meetings, other services. Many articles available for $1 cash or stamps. True Spirit Conference sponsor. (lcd)


Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere
2300 Market Street #165
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 861-5437 (voice)
(415) 255-8345 (fax)
Email: KidsOfGays
Newsletter, annual conference, pen-pal service, and support groups (particularly in the SF Bay Area.) Explicitly welcomes children of transgendered parents. (lcd)

Female-To-Male International (FTM)

5337 College Avenue #142
Oakland CA 94618
Monthly support group exclusively for female-to-male crossdressers, TSs, and their significant others. Quarterly FTM newsletter $15.00/yr ($20 Inter.), FTM Resource Guide $5.00.
Email: FTM International
FTM International on AOL: Keyword: FTM Intl; Web site. (tcf)


Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition International
P.O. Box 50360
Washington, D.C. 20091
Email: GLPCI
GLPCI has a newsletter and many affiliated chapters throughout the U.S. and sponsors an annual conference. Sometimes their publications and literature explicitly welcomes transgendered parents, sometimes not. Local chapters' supportiveness may similarly be hit-or-miss. Particularly valuable resource if you're parenting in a relationship that looks like it has two parents of the same gender. (lcd)


International Foundation For Gender Education
Box 229
Waltham MA 02154-0229
Educational and service organization designed to serve as a communications medium, outreach device, and networking facility for the entire TV/TS Community and those affected by that Community. Publisher of materials relevant to the TV/TS theme. Sponsors annual convention. An international information and referral clearinghouse, speakers' bureau, "drop-in bookstore" for emergency peer counselling and on-going volunteer work. (617) 894-8340, FAX: (617 )899-5703 Publishes: Transgender Tapestry magazine
Email: IFGE
IFGE Home Page
IFGE on AOL: Keyword: IFGE (tcf)

Parents, Family, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
1101 14th Street, N.W., Suite 1030
Washington, D.C. 20005
(202) 638-1101 (phone)
(202) 638-0243 (fax)
Has more than 450 chapters across the country. Some include family members of transgendered persons or at least would welcome such family members. A few chapters include members of the Transgender Support Special Outreach Network. To contact the Transgender Support Special Outreach Network, contact Emily Rizzo c/o Brooklyn PFLAG, 360 Atlantic Avenue, #179, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 769-1421 or Email Emily.

This list was compiled and annotated by Loree Cook-Daniels in February 1997. Unfortunately, I was not able to double-check with everyone who is listed here, although many checks were made. If you find an error or have an addition, please Email: Loree or write her at: 1025 N. Regatta Drive, Vallejo, CA 94591, or fax me at (707) 648-2455.


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